Haha(ed) out loud to this:

“Before Little was Snowball, a teddy bear hamster with a cunty personality, who, after escaping his shitty but aesthetically pleasing hamster habitat six times - being fucked with by the cat each and every time – had a Rumspringa in which he found himself in Birthday’s jaws for the last time.”

Also I stopped in the middle of reading to water my suffering, SCREAMING plants.

Also, also very excited for the Libertine because as you know I like to write and read dirty books.

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Another great read, Love this part, it explains why we all write fiction as an way to get to the truth unfettered 'I am working on a book called The Libertine, a sort of autofiction I-don’t-fucking-know hybrid something-or-other, a memoir of sex. It’s been hard to write. It’s like – do I really want to put that out there? Do I sound like I’m bragging? Trying to be super cool? Or, like a victim, as I discuss various wrongs done to my heart? Am I whining? Am I an edgelord? What? So, I popped it all into the third person, featuring a protagonist known only as The Libertine, and now she is me and not-me, and I am truly liberated!'

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